"In vitro" production of proteins

Would you like us to take over your production of recombinant proteins? Do you want to amplify your eukaryotic cell lines? We have the experience and production systems to suit your needs!

Cell transfection service

CER Biotech makes it possible to transfect different cell types with your own construction or with a construction we have performed on your behalf.

Different systems can be envisaged for the production of recombinant proteins. We use a variety of hosts, such as the bacteria Escherichia coli, CHO [Chinese hamster ovary] cells and HEK 293.

We can provide transient or stable transfections. We can also adapt your transfected line to the most appropriate serum-free medium.

We can suggest several types of culture depending on the quantity of proteins desired. Bioreactor production can also be considered for obtaining larger quantities.

The service includes in vitro production and harvesting of the supernatant. The supernatant is purified by chromatography.

Charges are estimated depending on the type of culture, the medium desired, the productivity of the cells, and the quantity of proteins requested.




We can perform amplification of eukaryotic lines

CER Biotech can amplify eukaryotic cells according to a protocol agreed with you. Whether you require biomass production or cultures in order to set up cell banks or perhaps the amplification of antibody-secreting hybridomas, we put our skills at your service.

CER Biotech can also store your cell lines securely in liquid nitrogen.


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