Secure storage in liquid nitrogen

Do you want to keep your hybridomas securely? Would you like to entrust the management of your cells to us? We can store your biological materials for you in our liquid nitrogen tanks.


We provide secure storage of biological materials

CER Biotech is very experienced in setting up cell banks in liquid nitrogen. We can store up to 40,000 cryotubes. Maximum security is guaranteed by storing a duplicate of each cell line in 2 separate tanks.
For hybridomas, we suggest a tailored monitoring contract: periodic thawing, amplification, counting and viability calculation.

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Hybridoma preservation service

  • Thawing and re-culturing with exactly the right media
  • Multifactorial recovery procedures
  • Examination of clonality
  • Isotyping
  • Recloning
  • Refusion, screening of hybridomas

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