Reagents and diagnosis kits

Do you work in veterinary diagnostics? Are you looking for a complete kit or one of our antibodies (monoclonal or polyclonal)?  We certainly have the perfect solution to your needs.  If we don’t, we can even create it for you!

We provide a “Veterinary diagnosis kits” service

CER Biotech develops kits and reagents for diagnosis. They detect the main respiratory, digestive and abortive diseases in cattle. The fruit of close collaboration with the actors in the beef industry, our tests are validated, checked by our laboratory and distributed throughout the world under the ISO 9001:2008 label.



Reagents and antibodies available

CER Biotech has a large range of reagents available. Our monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are directed against a number of agents that infect cattle and fish. They are available purified and coupled to biotin or a peroxidase or again coated on microtitre plates.
All the other components of our kits, saturation solutions, washing, stopping, etc., are also available individually or in bulk.


Plate coating, drying and conditioning service

We can coat your plates with peptides, proteins or cells and we lyophilize them for you to ensure the optimum shelf life. Our vacuum packing unit guarantees excellent stability over time.
We can also suggest a lyophilization service for small or large packs (bottles or microtitre plates).


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