Development of murine antibodies

Would you like to obtain murine monoclonal antibodies that recognise your own antigens? CER Biotech can develop them for you!


In collaboration with our clients, we draw up a list of specifications that enable you to choose a pertinent strategy depending on:

  • the type of antigen and its availability;
  • the target of interest;
  • the final application (ELISA, cytometry, WB, etc.).

Immunisation and fusion

  • Specific immunisation protocols have been developed depending on the nature and immunogenicity of the antigen.
  • Genetic immunisation using plasmid DNA.
  • Immunisation and ex vivo restimulation, a method used for toxic antigens in vivo.
  • Immunisation with proteins from transfected cells.
  • Fusion with myeloma Sp2/0-Ag14 in the presence of the fusogene agent PEG.


                                phase1   phase2    


Discrimination and cloning

  • Selection of secretory hybridomas is based on proven, rapid, and reliable methods that meet the criteria defined by the client.
  • Cells are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at each critical stage of their development.
  • Cloning is performed using the limiting-dilution method.





  • The isotype of the clones selected is determined by ELISA.
  • The biological activity of the antibodies obtained can be evaluated through in vivo tests.


"In vitro" Production

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Purification of antibodies

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Antibody engineering

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