Development of human antibodies

Do you want to obtain human monoclonal antibodies that recognise your own antigens? CER Biotech can develop them for you!


The strategy proposed by CER Biotech for obtaining complete human antibodies consists of immortalising B lymphocytes obtained from donors who have generated an immune response to a specific target of interest. It is important in this context with the client to establish the profile of the donor sought and to do an identification check.

Treatment of the samples

PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) containing among other things B lymphocytes are extracted from the blood by Ficoll gradient. Strategies for B lymphocyte enrichment (FACS [fluorescent activated cell sorting] and magnetic separation) enable us to optimise the activation and immortalisation stages.

Activation and immortalisation

The activation or ex vivo restimulation of the B selected lymphocytes enables us to markedly increase the yield of immortalisation. The immortalisation of the B lymphocytes stage is performed using EBV virus particles.

Discrimination and cloning

LCLs (Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines) secreting target-specific antibodies are mainly selected by the ELISA method. Positive cell colonies are then cloned. The cells are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at each critical stage of their development.


The isotype of the antibodies obtained is determined by ELISA. The prophylactic or therapeutic biological activity of the antibodies can be evaluated in vivo.

"In vitro" production

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Purification of antibodies

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Engineering/modification of antibodies

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