Harmlessness and efficacy tests

Would you like to investigate the harmlessness or efficacy of your molecules in preclinical models in areas such as infectiology, cancerology or cell therapy? Are you looking for infrastructure capable of carrying through your projects in a suitable environment while respecting quality criteria? We can do it for you.

To whom is our expertise addressed?

To all public bodies (universities, polytechnics, public research centres) or private bodies (small, medium-sized or large enterprises) that wish to evaluate their agents (antibiotics, vaccines, antibodies, anti-cancer agents, progenitor stem cells) in established preclinical models.

What are our strong points?

The proposed infrastructure meets the latest standards in force regarding hygiene, ethics, animal welfare and biosecurity. We can put together a complete service for you (from inoculation through to analysis of the harvested samples) or one that is personalised according to your needs. The services offered meet strict quality criteria.


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