Completed research projects (the most recent)


Collective research 2007 – RW convention 716718:

“Development of a methodology for obtaining complete human monoclonal antibodies.”

Partner: ImmuneHealth

HuMabs were obtained from PBMC of vaccinated or infected patients using as a model the anti-tetanus vaccination and S. aureus infections.



Programme Networks 2 – RW convention 516206:

“Prevention by vaccination of mastitis in cattle caused by the S. aureus.”

Partners: CIP/ULg- ULB

Patent: WO 2010/081875 22 July 2010 “A recombinant Alpha-haemolysin polypeptide of Staphylococcus Aureus, having a deletion in the stem domain and heterologous sequences inserted.”
General conception of the technique and forms of human and veterinary vaccinations against S. aureus.
Monoclonal antibodies obtained with this methodology and used for diagnosis, passive immunisation.



Collective research 2006 – RW convention 616487:

“Development of new reagents and methods of diagnosing aphthous fever.”

Partners: ImmuneHealth, CERVA-CODA

Specific Mabs for VP1 obtained for serotyping strains of FMDV.
Monoclonal antibodies obtained against non-structural FMDV proteins.
Development of an ELISA test to distinguish vaccinated animals from infected animals.



Ministry of Agriculture of the Wallonia Region - Dossier D31-1209/S1:

“Development of a new procedure for non-thermal pasteurisation to establish value as food for colostrum and raw milk.”

Partner: Celabor



RW - Advance recoverable from the industry:

“Study of the effect of the incorporation of prebiotics in food in the salmon farming industry.”